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Painting, Siding, Pressure Washing, and More

Whether your property is residential, commercial, or a new construction, our Atlanta painting company can offer you a variety of services. Before starting each job, our Project Managers carefully review the desires of our clients with crew leaders to ensure that everything meets your expectations and that the project is well planned. Our crews work to minimize cleanup by carefully isolating the work area and cleaning up daily.

Our services include:

  • Exterior painting: Our painting professionals go above and beyond, checking for rotting or damaged wood as well as less obvious structural details that might cause issues during the project.
  • Interior painting: Most people do their own interior painting. If you want it done right the first time, though, it’s a better idea to hire our professional painters from Manley Brothers Paint Company.
  • Decorative painting: More than interior painting, decorative painting involves using creativity to change a regular paint job into something unique. Your aesthetic tastes can be reflected in your home with a decorative painting.
  • Textured painting: Like decorative painting, your interior paint design can take on a whole new level. Adding texture inside your home dresses up your rooms in a way that pleases your aesthetic appreciations.
  • Kitchen cabinet repainting: Whether you painted them yourself when you first purchased the home or the paint job is still from the previous owner, our painting experts can help you bring new life into your kitchen.
  • Wall painting: Attention to detail and a conscientious effort by our painting experts ensure that your wall painting job is done quickly and efficiently. Whether you want only half of the wall painted or the whole wall, our experts can match your desires.
  • Wallpaper removal: Aged wallpaper can start to peel, and the original coloring has likely faded over the years. We can help by removing that old wallpaper, and you can then decide on the new interior painting for your fresh walls.
  • Deck staining: When the exterior and interior of your home look amazing, there’s no reason why your deck shouldn’t either. Our painting experts are trained to stain your deck, giving it a vibrant new look.
  • Fence staining: Our professional painting experts can ensure that your fence matches the aesthetic beauty of your exterior paint job. We are able to quickly and effectively stain your fence.
  • Siding: You no longer need to turn elsewhere for your vinyl siding installation. Our painting experts have now been trained to install vinyl siding as well as offering painting services, for your convenience.
  • Gutters: Along with siding and painting, our experts from Manley Brothers Paint Company can now help you with your gutter installation needs.
  • Pressure washing: Your driveway, sidewalk, or exterior should be pressure washed at least once a year because humid summers and wet winters can cause algae growth. Leave the pressure washing to our trained experts.

Project Managers are always on call in order to discuss your concerns while working with Manley Brothers. We work hard to ensure that your project is done in a timely manner. Call us today at (770) 627-2137 to discuss your painting project today.

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